Rule Changes

19 August 2019

Horse & Owner Manual (E) > Vaccinations against Equine influenza > 17.5.2. - Maximum Interval between booster vaccinations increased from 6 to 8 months apart. 

10 May 2019

Race Administration Manual (F) > Handicap flat races: top and bottom weights, Handicap Jump races: top and bottom weights

Amendment to Rules 25.1 and 33.1 so that the race conditions may prescribe a different maximum top weight to the normal default. 

10 April 2019

Rider's Manual (D) > Overseas Riders Qualifying to ride in the Channel Islands > Modification to Rule 21:

21.2A: Any Overseas Rider who is authorised by a Recognised Racing Authority to ride over Jumps is deemed to be qualified to ride on the flat. 

21.2B:  Any Overseas Rider who holds a full flat licence from a Recognised Racing Authority is authorised to ride over Jumps. 

21.2C:  No Apprentice (as defined under the Rules of the British Horseracing Authority) or equivalent under the rules of another Recognised Racing Authority is permitted to ride over Jumps.

6 March 2019

Horse & Owner Manual (E) > Vaccinations against Equine influenza > 17.5.2. - Interval between booster vaccinations reduced from not more than a year apart to not more than 6 months apart.