The fees payable under the Rules of Racing in 2019 are as follows:

Rule NumberNarrativeFee (£)
(A)70.3Deposit for an appeal against the decision of the Racecourse Stewards£100
(A)Schedule 4 para 6.3Deposit for an appeal against the decision of the Disciplinary Panel£500
(A)Schedule 4 para 17.3Deposit for an appeal against the decision of the Appeal Board£1,000
(C)7.2Initial application for a Trainer’s Licence£42
(C)7.2Renewal of a Trainer’s Licence£42
(C)Schedule 2 para 2.3Jumping assessment£100
(D)4.2Initial application for a Jockey’s Licence£42
(D)4.2Renewal fee for a Jockey’s Licence£42
(D)13.2Initial application for an Amateur Riders Licence £42
(D)13.2Renewal fee for an Amateur Riders Licence£42
(D)29.3Approval of advertising on a Jockey’s clothing or equipment £35
(E)3.3Registering a horses nameSuch fee charged by Weatherbys
(E)7.8Registration of horses foaled outside the Channel Islands, Great Britain or Ireland – Blood or DNA TestSuch fee charged by the Approved Laboratory
(E)11.1Change of nameSuch fee charged by Weatherbys
(E)13.4Issue, revision, re-issue or replacement of a passportSuch fee charged by Weatherbys
(E)20.5Racing clearance notifications (RCN’s)£20
(E)21.3Passport endorsementsNil
(E)30.1Registration of a sole owner£35
(E)36.5Registration of agent for a Recognised Company£50
(E)43.2.4Registration of a Partnership£10 per member
(E)44.3Change of name of a Partnership£20
(E)45.2Assignment of Partnership interest£20
(E)48.6.1Registration of a Syndicate£10 per member – minimum £40
(E)50.3Change of name of a Syndicate£20
(E)55.3Registration of a Racing Club£100
(E)57.3.2Registration of a single race lease agreement£80
(E)59.2Registration of other leasing agreements£45
(E)60.2.2Renewal of leasing agreements£20
(E)68.1.3Registration of racing colours£20
(E)68.4.2Renewal of registration of racing colours£20
(E)68.5Transfer of racing colours to non-family members£50
(E)74Registration of authority to act as agent for ownerNil
(F)11.1Race meeting fixture fee£250
(F)43.3Entry surcharge for horses made through another Recognised Racing AuthorityNil
(F) of Engagements£50
(F)60.1Entry processing fee£35