The Disciplinary Panel and the Appeal Board

The Judicial Panel plays a vital role in upholding the integrity of horseracing in the Channel Islands. It is essential that the sport’s participants and followers have confidence in the sport’s judicial system, that it is handled by the right individuals and acts with independence from the Channel Island Horseracing Authority’s regulatory functions.

The Channel Island Horseracing Authority appoints the Judicial Panel Chair to lead and oversee the activities of the Judicial Panel. Currently, that role is fulfilled by the President of the Channel Islands Racing and Hunt Club. The Judicial Panel is comprised of the Disciplinary Panel and the Appeal Board. The members of any Disciplinary Panel or Appeal Board are selected by the Judicial Panel Chair, at his sole discretion, from the members of the Channel Islands Racing and Hunt Club and externally.

The chairperson of a Disciplinary Panel will be a lawyer unless Judicial Panel Chair directs, or the parties together agree, otherwise. The chairperson of an Appeal Board must be a lawyer of more than 10 years post qualification call or admission in Jersey, Guernsey, England & Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Raceday stewards are not, by convention, permitted to sit on a Disciplinary Panel (which also hears appeals from the decisions of raceday stewards) but can sit on an Appeal Board, which hears appeals from the decisions of the Disciplinary Panel.

Results of Hearings

27 September 2019 - Objection under Rule (B)70