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2020 Fixtures

Consultation on Rule Changes

21 October 2019

The Authority is launching a consultation into its proposed changes to the Rules of Racing for 2020. Details of the rule changes and how to comment can be found here.

Equine Influenza - Vaccination Period

30 September 2019

The Authority is granting an additional grace period of one month in respect of equine flu boosters for the remainder of 2019 meaning 9 months between boosters for practical purposes. The period will revert to 8 months on 1 January 2020.  

Equine Influenza - Vaccination Period

19 August 2019

The Authority has amended Rule (E)17 of the Rules of Racing  regarding the maximum time permitted between booster vaccinations for equine influenza. The period has been increased from 6 months to 8 months in line with the British Horseracing Authority.  

Clarification for UK Trainers entering horses to race in the Channel Islands

11th June 2019

The Channel Islands Horseracing Authority (the Authority) has received a number of requests from trainers based in the United Kingdom regarding the qualifications required for running a horse in the islands. Following discussion with the Jersey Race Club the following is agreed:

If a trainer holds a ‘National Hunt Permit Licence’ or a ‘National Hunt Trainers Licence’ issued by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) then this Authority will allow that trainer to enter dual purpose or flat horses to run at L’Ancresse or Les Landes Racecourse in flat races. 

BHA licensed flat trainers are not allowed to enter hurdle races. 

No Point-to-Point licensed trainers or jockeys may participate in racing in the islands. 

All jockeys must hold a recognised BHA licence. Amateur Riders must hold a Category B amateur riders permit and will not be allowed to ride if they only hold a Category A riders permit. 

Fully fledged professional flat jockeys are permitted to ride over hurdles. Apprentice jockeys are not. 

For any further clarification then please contact the Registry Office. 

Equine Influenza - Notice to all trainers entering horses in France

12 April 2019

France-Galop has imposed a requirement for a veterinary certificate for any horse being entered in France. The full content can be found here.

Equine Influenza - Vaccination Period

6 March 2019

The Authority has amended Rule (E)17 of the Rules of Racing  regarding the maximum time permitted between booster vaccinations for equine influenza. The period has been reduced from a year to 6 months.  

Reported case of Strangles in Jersey

20 February 2019

The Authority has been notified by vets of a suspected case of strangles in a non-thoroughbred imported into Jersey in early February. The vets report that the horse has been isolated since its arrival in the Island and there has been no movement on or off the relevant yard since its arrival. We have been informed that it was tested for respiratory diseases as soon as the first symptoms appeared and strict bio-security has been in place since initial examination. 

Under these circumstances the likelihood of disease spread is low and no restrictions are being placed on the thoroughbred population. We remind all trainers to be vigilant with their bio-security measures. 

Equine Flu outbreak in the UK

8 February 2019
Racing in the Channel Islands will commence in Jersey on Easter Monday 22 April, some 74 days away. The Authority and the Jersey Race Club (JRC) currently see no reason why that meeting will not go ahead. 

The Authority and JRC are not aware of any influenza in any thoroughbred yards. Though it would remind trainers to make sure they have in place appropriate biosecurity measures.
The following was issued via Twitter this morning by the States of Jersey

 “States Vet Dr Theo Knight-Jones warns there have recently been multiple outbreaks of equine influenza in UK & mainland Europe affecting vaccinated & unvaccinated horses. See  for more information. If importing a horse to Jersey, make sure that it's vaccinated, get it health checked before it travels and ideally isolate on arrival in Jersey for a minimum of 7 days. If concerned contact your vet”

There will be no further updates unless deemed necessary. 

Trainers are reminded to notify the Authority of the arrival of any new horse in their yards under Rule C(12).

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